Tuesday, September 02, 2003

No kidding -- You're going to have to trust us on this one, but Downshift has been planning a post on the new VW Touareg, about how cool it is (despite its being a truck-based ute, and one of particularly weighty weight), and how the family Downshift might just have to get an Airstream International CCD to justify buying a Touareg. (Yes, Downshift knows that the Airstream figures in the Touareg ad campaign. We thought of the Airstream independently.)

Here's the zippy closing line we had planned: Now that they've shown the world what they can do in the luxury-ute category, we'd love to see what the VW product wizards can do in a cute-ute aimed at the Jetta crowd. Call it the New Thing.

Turns out, Downshift and VW share the same wavelength. They are going to build a "rugged-looking Golf-based off-roader." (The article is about a Boxster-fighter, more on that in another post, but scroll down to the seventh paragraph for a tease about the coming ute.)

Downshift's still first out of the gates with the "New Thing" crack.