Thursday, July 31, 2003

Wagon Ho! -- Just check this out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

This can't be good -- The next head of GM design, Ed Welburn, is the man responsible for the execrable Chevy SSR.

Not promising.
Do you think so? -- Downshift's dear friend Missed Shift writes:
    Admit it. You criticize the perception that the Element is for old folks who think they are somehow "hip" or "urban" because YOU are thinking about buying one. You are old. You think you are hip. The mirror is painful here.
Well, duh!
Hohummerdinger -- The Sierra Club's Hummer H2 satire site is, well, just plain lame. Yes, it's big and thirsty, but that doesn't make the H2 an example of 50's-era technology. Showing identical Hummers with different fuel economy ratings makes no sense. The fuel economy sticker that the GM executive stands in front of is a red herring. As the Times points out, the H2 is so heavy it doesn't have to be EPA tested. (A page within the site makes the same point.) And, as a Hummer spokesperson said, the volume of H2 sales is truly trivial.

There is one really funny section, though: "What if the Hummer replaced famous vehicles in famous movies?"

The problem is that the H2 itself is just not a great target. It is, by all accounts, remarkably capable for what it was built to do: go way off-road. It's the people who buy Hummers -- or any other hard-core SUV -- to do nothing but drive on-road who ought to be mocked within an inch of their lives. The Hummer H2, the perfect vehicle for taking a 65 lb. 10-year-old and her friend to ballet class and then picking up some fresh ravioli on the way home.

At Downshift Central, we hold no brief for the SUV-driving citizens of Moronica -- hold your e-mails, those who actually use them to tow and haul are excepted -- but the hummerdinger site fails to advance the cause.