Sunday, January 04, 2004

Another Ford rehash -- Somebody please stop J Mays. Seriously. Now.

Bill Ford introduced the new Mustang (more later) and the Ford GT as part of a Power Trilogy. What's the third prong of the trinity? If you guesses another modern-day execution of a Ford icon, congratulations. It's an all-new Shelby Cobra!

Unlike the unquestionably handsome Mustang and GT, this one's is a bit of a dog. But, unlike the GT, it appears to be a truly new take on the old form. And, unlike the Mustang, it's not a cycling back to old forms after intervening models.

So, the Downshift Retro Roadblack law might not apply.

Still, this retro-fetishism is not healthy. It's not a good sign when the more attractive two-seater introduced today is the kissing cousin of a minivan, not the son of arguably the coolest sports cars ever built.

Fittingly, the new Cobra is the product of a guy -- Mays -- who's best known for warming over old ideas, and a guy -- Shelby -- who's spent the last forty years milking a single -- albeit fantastic -- idea to death.