Friday, January 02, 2004

Bangle bungle -- If anything encapsulates the arrogance and cluelessness of Chris Bangle, it's this quote in a Car and Driver article on the new 6-series:
    "We've decided we can't figure out how to design a car that looks good in pictures," he says with a shrug.
We get it. The forward thinkers at BMW are so pure in their pursuit of design perfection that they are incapable of something as vulgar as worrying about how a car looks in print.

Memo to Chris: You don't know how to design a car that looks good in person, either. The Z4 is a disaster. And, the 5-series, which is popping up on streets near Downshift, manages the seemingly impossible task of being thoroughly creased and lacking any tension whatsoever. It's actually less offensive in pictures. The M5 adds to the limpness with a face that looks like it's sucking on a lemon.

To be fair, we like the new 7-series and the 6-series looks pretty good in photos.