Sunday, January 04, 2004

Holy Crossfire -- Chrysler unveiled a supercar prototype at the Detroit show. Enzo-like specs: quad-turbo V-12 by AMG, 850 bhp, 2.9 seconds to 60. Enzo-like price: $450,000 (less trade-in on the Town & Country, presumably). Enzo-like pedigree: Not!

Thought 1: This is forward-looking design. A clean-sheet design that incorporates brand cues. Of course, Chrysler doesn't have a LeMans winner to look back to. Still ... (more on this later).
Thought 2: Porsche's justification for building the Cayenne was that nearly all of it's sports car owners owned SUVs, so there was a natural market. Are Chrysler's mini-van families looking for a same-brand Carrera GT-fighter? Maybe, Chrysler's looking to provide a follow-on product for empty-nesters.
Thought 3: Does the passenger seat fold flat into the floor?
Thought 4: Just as auto show debuts are getting to be mere physical confirmation of press-release photos, Chrysler drops another bomb. Wait to go Wolfgang!