Sunday, January 04, 2004

No cameras? -- Last month, the IRL released its report of the crash that killed Tony Renna on October 22 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. All of its conclusions are based on telemetrics and eyewitness accounts. Remarkably, there is no video footage.

Given the millions spent racing and testing at IMS and the frequent crashes (some of which, unfortunately, are fatal), we just assumed that there would be something low tech like complete and overlapping camera coverage of the 2.5 mile circuit. In fact, there's not a single permanent camera.

If there's any outrage about this video deficit, we haven't seen it. You can't rewind a tape and bring back Tony Renna, but wouldn't video analysis of his and every other crash help prevent other crashes?

Tony George, before spring testing begins, install a full video system with enough clockwise and counter-clockwise facing cameras on the track that a car can never go out of range of at least two cameras. Make sure the record button is on every time a car takes the track.