Monday, June 14, 2004

Of course -- VW has announced that the New Beetle will be a "one-cycle" car, meaning that they aren't going to redesign it. Tweak it, yes, but nothing new.

Surprised? Shouldn't be. We predicted the Beetle demise as a function of the Downshift Retro Roadblock: Resurrect an iconic design, and you've locked yourself into the end of a model. (The brief second life of the T'bird is exhibit A.)

Instead of a new New Beetle, VW is going to add a hip, cool, and affordable car to the low end. We respectfully submit an existing model: the Caddy Shuttle (which will undoubtedly have to be renamed and re-outfitted for the US market).

A tall Golf with three-row seating and two sliding doors, this thing has xB fighter written all over it.

We'll take two.