Monday, September 26, 2005

Wrong question -- Jalopnik asked a high-profile Porsche salesman whether the Cayman would be a 911-killer. He answered no, sort of. The question ought to have been be: should the Cayman kill the 911?

The 911 (and its variants) has been our favorite car since our toddler days when we would pass the time sitting on the step identifying (accurately, we're told) every car that passed by. But sentiment has no place in the hard-hearted world of amateur automotive criticism. We think the death of the 911 is long overdue.

As a compromise, keep the 911 around as a pseudo-GT for the old farts who get all moist at the shape. Make the Cayman the new heart of the Porsche's lineup. Give it the best engines. Make it the Porsche-supported car to race. It's a better platform.

On a related note, we love the name Cayman, but we would have been fine with the Boxster-like contraction Bocoup (pronounced like the French beaucoup, as in "a lot").