Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sometimes, you gotta go big

The Downshift family is planning a two-small-car strategy (Golf for her, 3-series for him). For ninety percent of our travel, we don't even need the room of the incument Passat wagon.

But, what do you do when you would really like some room? Trip to New Jersey to visit Grammy Downshift. Costco run. Dinner with a couple you'd like to impress.

In the spirit of the exotic car clubs, we're thinking collectively owned land yachts.

Buy some late model luxo sedans. (You can get a Phaeton with 30K miles for under $40K.) A mini-van or two. Maybe a truck.

A member drives his Prius to the garage and takes a barge home.

We know you could rent. And ZipCar has some big 'uns in inventory. This just feels like it would be easier and allow for more interesting cars to drive.