Saturday, April 01, 2006

Horsies to the rear, please

Dodge is putting 300hp through the front wheels of the Caliber SRT, even though AWD is an option with less potent motors.

Okay, the argument that it's too costly to upgrade the AWD workings to handle the SRT's power and torque makes sense. But, doesn't the DCX parts bin have some relatively cheap parts available to put the power to the rear wheels? The platform's already configured for a driveshaft and rear end.

They could have made a $20K M3 fighter.

Something tells us the original skunk works team might that built the Omni GLH would have figured this out.

(Why are the links at the top to month-old Jalopnik and Autoblog posts? The issue didn't dawn on us until we read the latest Car and Driver, which discusses the reasons for not offering AWD.)